Little gem has encouraged us to visit town

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I HAVE been interested to read the suggested reasons for Grantham’s loss of trade and shop closures. Living nearer to Stamford and Bourne I had fomerly gone into Grantham occasionally to use the Marks and Spencers store, stopping even these trips when Stamford acquired a store and Grantham’s closed.

However, on a very rare visit to Grantham, we went into Hallam’s Delicatessen in the George shopping centre and enjoyed a truly excellent coffee and delicious Grantham gingerbread which, incidentally, have been available there all the time we have been going. Since then, when we are in the area, instead of looking for a coffee shop outside the town, we go into Grantham, to Hallam’s, and, because it is convenient, use adjacent shops, such as Lloyds Pharmacy and the Edinburgh Woollen Mill.

While it is tempting to look for big solutions, our experience suggests that even a handful of stores with friendly, committed staff and a good product to sell, can make a town seem much more attractive.


The Drift, Pickworth