Local radio station is doomed if changes are not made

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I WISH to air my concerns within the public domain regarding Gravity FM.

I have been involved with our local radio station for the last 11 years until the autumn.

As a presenter I had excellent response from from the listeners, their support and rapport made the show what it was and I thank them heartily for it.

I was an edgy broadcaster, pushing the boundaries (although there is no watershed in radio) and on occasion overstepping the mark. As a result I have, in the past, been suspended, faced disciplinary hearings and have been both punished and exonerated over charges.

The final straw was that a complaint was made about a joke I told.

Recently, an unpleasant and tactless joke was made by a presenter (as stated in a letter to the Journal). This presenter was not suspended from his show but was allowed to go on air and make his apologies. This was something that was denied to me although I asked to do so as it was not my intention to offend my audience.

I strongly believe that Gravity FM is on a self-destruct course. It is now a poorly run organisation, struggling for funding and yet can make a derogatory joke (compounded by another presenter) about the very people who have so generously fundraised, provided a venue for meetings and generally gone all out to support the station.

Morale within Gravity FM is at an all-time low. There are many good presenters, some who could improve and some who aren’t suited to broadcasting but would be very valued assets in other areas.

Likewise, there is good and bad within the management team. On the one hand, we have one or two who give 100 per cent dedication to the station and some who are resistant to change. It is because I feel so passionately about our Community Radio that I write this letter. I have great hope and enthusiasm for its future but unless there is a massive restructuring with the support of those who care enough to go the extra mile, then sadly, Gravity FM will be doomed.

Given the opportunity, I would do my utmost to support the regeneration of the station, to promote its importance within the community and to see it flourish well into the future.


Kingscliffe Road, Grantham