Loss of Derek leaves a gap impossible to fill

Derek and Edna Birch, Diamond Wedding Anniversary.
Derek and Edna Birch, Diamond Wedding Anniversary.
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DEREK Birch, who died on September 12, was a rather special man.

Some 30 years ago, during an operation to improve his sight, there was a problem which left Derek totally blind. To many such a tragic event would have destroyed them but Derek just picked up the pieces and carried on.

He was a man of great courage and commitment. The welfare of Grantham’s blind and partially sighted became a major part of his life.

He was a member of the original team that established Grantham’s Talking Newspaper, and a committee member for 25 years. He lost his sight at a crucial time in his life.

Despite the difficulties that arose, Derek took it in his stride. He transferred his ability and dedication to helping others with sight loss in the local community.

Derek was always a pleasure to work with. Born and bred in Grantham, he was much respected and admired by the volunteers who worked with him. His strong temperament was always a stable influence on establishing and running the Talking Newspaper. The loss of Derek will leave a gap impossible to fill.


President, Grantham Talking Newspaper