Love her or hate her, we’re lucky to have Thatcher puppet

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Regarding the feature in the Journal last week about the town’s museum, which referred to the removal of the Margaret Thatcher Spitting Image puppet, I would like to make the following observations.

This puppet is a genuine likeness of Margaret Thatcher and should remain in the museum for ever more

It will serve as a reminder to all what she was like as prime minister.

The people who worked at the old Aveling Barford engineering factory will remember her for selling off the company cheaply, only for it to end up in administration, and three people jailed for conspiring to defraud the company pension fund.

Also, by the rest of the nation she will be remembered for selling off the family silver, and we all know now how the cost of gas, electricity and water has gone through the roof.

This puppet should be displayed prominently in the entrance to the museum and not hidden away from sight.


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n Who does the mayor, Cllr Ian Stokes, think he is?

He cannot erase history to suit himself.

Spitting Image was a classic satirical show of the Thatcher years and immortalised both UK and foreign political figures of those times.

Love her or hate her, Grantham is fortunate to have the puppet and it should be displayed.

It was, after all, the only thing that depicted her as she really was.

John Hannam