Meeting to discuss help for the hard of hearing

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ONE of the areas where elderly people struggle most is deafness, or should I say, the hard of hearing.

I am not talking about the health side of it but rather trying to give them confidence to stay in their own homes, especially when they live alone.

Lip reading is one form of this and thanks to the work of Sue Clements, we have got small sets of classes with a good teacher.

Ideally we need longer sets of classes but there are no qualified lip reading teachers in Lincolnshire, never mind Grantham, and it is difficult to persuade the college to do it, as lip reading is treated as a class, like sugarcraft for example.

It is to the elderly what English as a second language is to immigrants, not needed by all but to those who do need it, a lifeline.

This is government policy and has been there for over 20 years, so no political point-scoring please!

If we are going to make progress we need to have a bigger back-up team than we have at the moment, and that is why the meeting on Wednesday, September 7 at 2pm, in the form of a garden party, at 64 Dudley Road, is important.

If we can get people along who care, that this is what is needed to talk the problem through. That is why there is no charge.


Dudley Road, Grantham