Military full of heroes

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May I point out to Mr Andrews that the ‘children that are put in uniform and are sent off to war’ are volunteers and do so for various reasons.

I suspect the main reasons for joining the armed forces are perhaps unemployment, dysfunctional families and achieving things that cannot be achieved under any other circumstances.

The emergency services are undoubtedly well trained in their particular trades, however they have to abide by health and safety, as do we all, during the shifts they work but the most significant difference is they are able to go home to their families.

The armed forces also abide by health and safety rules, but they are paid to be ready for immediate action 24/7, 365 days of the year and are often away from their families and friends for months on end.

‘The modern military has produced no heroes’, Mr Andrews says, but I believe they are, every one of them.

They can be sent anywhere in the world to do anything that is asked of them and they do it well.

All three services can be relied upon to provide a fighting force, to leave at short notice, and an internal security force, an emergency medical force, a fire-fighting force and last but not least sea rescues.

They achieve their objectives not for the love of serving the Government, but for the loyalty to their comrades and regiment.

Whilst many may believe that war is an unjustifiable act, it is unfortunately a reality of life which threatens our freedom.

If these ‘uniformed children’ did not volunteer to protect the future of their family and friends then who will?

Are these overstretched, underpaid, overworked sailors, soldiers and airman heroes? Yes I believe they are.

Ken Smith

(via email)