MP is targeting the wrong people

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NICK Boles believes that ‘we must take money from people who don’t need it’; so why is he not targeting the costly quangocrats, the over-paid holders of ‘non-jobs’ in public services and the tax-avoiding millionaires? Simple answer: pensioners are a much easier target.

He claims that means-testing pensioners would save £1.5 billion a year. How does he know - if the ‘well-off’ level has not been fairly defined and agreed? The claimed £1.5 billion ‘saving’ pales into insignificance compared to the tens of billions wasted by Whitehall e.g. on failed computer systems, contracts given to a cartel of outrageously expensive suppliers and official ‘watchdog’ agencies who are toothless and useless.

I doubt if many Grantham pensioners have his privileged background of Winchester, Oxford and Harvard or receive more than his MP’s salary, expenses, and other emoluments, but we might take that figure, whatever it is, as the ‘well-off’ level below which no pensioner will forfeit the benefits for which they have worked and paid all their adult lives. Did Nick’s idea come from a think-tank or a septic tank?


Bourne Road, Colsterworth