MP needs to wake up to real-life issues

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I am writing MP Nick Boles to call for action to question the nonsense surrounding Energy Market pricing.

I have been told by my supplier that domestic gas and electricity costs are to be increased.

I signed up to what British Gas describe as the lowest cost tariff for me on 1st July 2010 for a dual fuel account lasting one year, which I have recently renewed. In that time the tariff values changed so on 1st July 2011 using the same annual KWh usage figures for the purpose of calculation, my actual bill is now 26% higher. I have since been told that on the 18th August there will be a further increase and once again using the same quantity of energy this will mean my overall bill for both fuels will increase by 36% compared to 1st July 2010. Within this the gas increase is 29% and the electricity is 46%.

Surely something needs to be done at Government level to break up this supply side monopoly?