My Human Right is to choose my local hospital

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THANK you for bring out the article regarding Grantham Hospital as reported in last week’s Journal.

During the rally when Grantham public went to Wyndham Park, someone had a poster which proclaimed ‘don’t trust the trust, they will bury their mistakes’. One mistake is closing Grantham Hospital.

How much money from Grantham has gone to those conglomerate in Lincoln and Boston? Land that was given by the late Lord and Lady Dorothy Brownlow sold. Where did that money go?

Why should sick and ill people have to travel over 30 miles to Lincoln or Boston. I had to go to Boston so I asked for transport. The cost of travel is now very expensive plus the money into the parking machine. If you have to go to other hospitals, ask for transport. If you don’t, you are financing the trust. Why do they need posh offices?

Some time ago, it was reported in a local newspaper, that a lady was discharged from hospital in the early morning and was told she had to find her own way home. The taxi cost her quite a lot of money.

What also concerns me is visitors having to go to these hospitals. Not all family and friends have transport.

The Trust told us that the maternity unit is not being used. Why then are mothers-to-be sent to Lincoln? I understand that on several occasions Lincoln was so busy that mothers were sent on to another hospital.

The Government states that you have a right to choose your preferred hospital. My choice is definitely Grantham, so this is my Human Right.


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