My memories of Sir, and how we loved him

Do you recognise anyone on the back row?
Do you recognise anyone on the back row?
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I was sad to read about Mr Cattermole’s passing.

I am one of the girls on the back row in the soccer picture. He was a young teacher at the time and we gave him a hard time.

We would go out on cross country runs and sit behind trees and waste our time. He knew what we were doing and would turn a blind eye, but if you went too far you knew about it.

One day, a few of us girls went on the cross country run, but we ended up looking at the cute guys on the sports field at St Wulfrums School.

We were watching them sitting in a ditch by the chain-link fencing, I guess time passed and we didn’t return when we should have, so Mr Cattermole and Ms Bee sent the headmaster Mr Elliot to find us.

He drove up in his Volkswagen campervan, and boy were we in trouble! John was a good teacher - he really did care about his students.

Fast-forward a few years and I was in England for several months taking care of my Mum, and I put my daughter in the school system there. We live in Canada.

Anyway, I went on a tour of Central School which was all boys when I was in school, but was now co-ed, and in the science wing there was Mr Cattermole.

I reverted back to being that 11-16-year-old child, and I was tongue-tied. I hoped he didn’t remember me but he did, and he said with a twinkle in his eye, he wasn’t sure if he wanted to teach a child of mine!

Fortunately my daughter was not the same kind of student as me - she took sports and education seriously. He also said he was too young to be teaching children of past students.

My daughter came home from school one day and said she had a funny unit in school that day - they were doing a sound unit and Mr Cattermole was playing his guitar and talking about his band.

I recall remarking on how cool that was, to share a passion of his in his teaching methods.

He will be sorely missed. The picture in the paper made me laugh, as Mr Cattermole would despair at our group, trying to teach us the proper rules of soccer, when all we wanted to do was run all over the field and have fun and try to get the ball in the other goal, in any form or fashion...rules what rules?

I am sure teaching our class at Blessed Hugh Moore was a lesson for him in patience.

The girls on the top row, Jeanette Draper, Cathy Hadlow, Me, Julie Anne, Karen Goode and the girl in middle Jane Cooper.

Belinda Thomas

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