New ideas needed to attract youngsters to Carnival

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IT is all very well for the organisers of the carnival to hide behind ‘it’s not my fault it’s his’ excuse for the non-closure of the roads and policing of the event which took place on Saturday.

But frankly, after the number of years they have been organising it, it is hard to believe that someone on the committee doesn’t have a permanent check list with several items occupying the number one spot.

Surely items such as funding the availability of venue, security, insurance and the police closure of roads alongside the local authority, are aspects that are sorted well in advance?

Saturday’s carnival looked as if it was being enjoyed by the crowds occupying St Peter’s Hill, and I’m sure everyone willed the rain to go away.

I would urge people not to let our young people down – there isn’t a great deal that is apparent for them to enjoy, so if you want to keep them interested, make something interesting for them otherwise they will not engage.

From what I can remember last year’s pop concert, albeit spoiled by a thunder storm, was enthusiastically supported, so perhaps someone needs to consider the older youngsters somewhat, and dare I say, the adults too.

But maybe a different venue, so the good people of Hill Avenue and surrounding area do not have their peace disturbed.

If it is out of the immediate town, perhaps taking note of Sleaford’s example of its Christmas Fair, where a free bus shuttle service was operating. I know that this was very much appreciated by the patrons of the event.

Think a bit bigger Grantham, it isn’t time to roll up the flag and put out the light just yet.


Orchard Close, Gonerby Hill Foot