Nick Boles’ comment will alienate voters

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FIRST there was Grantham, the archetypal ‘Rotten Borough’ immortalised by Oliver Anderson in his not-so-banned book of the same name.

Then we had Terry Wogan’s Radio One listeners voting it the most boring town in the Universe, dubbed coast-to-coast in America as ‘Dullsville’ courtesy of the Harlaxton-based University of Evansville.

Now our own MP, Nick Boles no less, labelling Grantham: ‘A fantastic place to die!’

I hope the newly-appointed, high-flying planning minister doesn’t drop such clangers in Parliament.

Obviously he wasn’t responsible for the first two slurs but his latest comments seem to me to make a mockery of his support for the ambitious ‘Grantham is Great’ campaign.

What with his attack on ‘comfortably off’ pensioners; language learning difficulties and now this, I think the proverbial ‘monkey’ would have a better chance of being returned in this constituency at the next General Election.


Welham Street, Grantham