No chance of PM listening to Journal

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Whilst I applaud the Journal’s campaign to get David Cameron to visit Grantham, I am afraid there is no chance, since we are of little or no consequence in the great big scheme of things.

That is until the next election when we will be promised the known world (and all the gold therein).

At most there will be a condescending letter from an aide or even our MP telling us ‘we’re all in it together’, (unless of course you’re an MP or Lord with an unlimited expenses account).

There will be mention of the profligate spending of the former Labour Government leaving a huge deficit that has to be filled.

There will be no mention of the billions of pounds being spent on the bottomless slime pit that is the EU, or the millions spent on foriegn aid so that the president of some African dictatorship can buy a £30 million executive jet. Finally I would hope that the Journal will also be targetting the landlords, in the hope they will be offering realistic rents to businesses in trouble.

Alfie Kent

Gonerby Hill Foot