No sane person could’ve designed road junction

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Steve Cattell: I will only take issue with one suggestion of yours in this week’s Journal – that the junction you highlight is the most poorly designed in Grantham.

That honour must surely go to the traffic lights system at the junctions of Wharf Road, Station Road, Harlaxton Road, St Augustin Way and Stanton Street.

Can you find anywhere in the country, let alone Grantham or Lincolnshire, where cars are literally given the green light to simultaneously criss-cross each other?

Consider a vehicle waiting in Stanton Street to turn right onto St Augustan Way and quite likely wanting either the middle lane onto that road or the left-hand lane to turn up Dysart Road. The lights turn to green.

All clear to do either of these manouvres? No! The green light across the way is allowing traffic from Harlaxton Road to cross over your path if it wishes to turn left and then right onto the circulatory route to Wharf Road.

What a mix-up. Who in a sane moment could have planned this?

Trevor Palmer

via email