Noisy manhole cover in real danger of collapse

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I’D like to raise the problem of the manhole cover outside the old Kismet restaurant on Wharf Road.

The manhole cover I refer to has been “clatter, clunk, clunk, clatter” continually for over a month now, and the other day I sat counting the amount of times it “clatter, clunked” every time a car or a much-seen, oversized lorry went over it.

From 12 O’clock midday until four O’clock the following morning (these are my waking hours) it “clatter clunked” a total of 11,463 times.

It’s alright for the drivers, because they only hear the “clatter clunk” once but the residents at this end of Wharf Road hear it over 10,000 times a day! It was heaven when 1,848 unintentionally avoided it.

Come on road maintenance, it needs fixing. If nothing else it will give you something to do, because at this rate, the “clatter, clunking” manhole will cave in one day soon and cause a bigger “clatter, clunk”. It’s getting worse.


Wharf “clatter, clunk” Road, Grantham