Occupying power is hardly a bastion of freedom...so I fear for the local party and why I fear for the local Tory party

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AS one represented by Nick Boles MP, may I be permitted a hollow laugh when I read his piece where he describes Israel as a bastion of democracy and freedomn in the Middle East. Freedom? Democracy?

Try telling that to the million or so people of Gaza whose daily life is a miserable existence due to the harsh and inhuman behaviour of the Israeli powers.

As recently revealed at the Israeli court’s dismissal of the lawsuit brought by Mr and Mrs Corrie from America over the death of their daughter Rachel, the Israeli military demolished 1,700 homes in Rafah betweem 2000 and 2004.

Is this the democray and feedon of which you boast, Mr Boles.

I urgently ask the Grantham and Stamford Conservative consituency party to ensure this man is not selected to represent our party at the next election, or the normally safe seat we have at the moment will disappear.

Such is the strength of feeling over Mr Boles’ attitude over this and indeed other issues that something has got to be done.

I fear the writing is on the wall for our party if no action is taken.


Sandringham Close,