Outburst demeans Thatcher legacy

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OK, Nick Boles, I might agree with you about bus passes, pensions, heating allowance and prescriptions, but only if you make a one off compensation payment based on payments made by all elderly wealthy pensioners, plus interest, to all those so-called wealthy ‘Oldies’.

Okay so this will amount to a few quid but it is a one off non-recurring payment and that will be the end of it, no weekly payments for years after – and don’t forget people are actually living longer. It’s only fair since they have doled out money to the government treasury all their working life, they have not been on benefit etc, since leaving school.

What about that? No, not keen? Mr Boles, due to you, I have moved from being a lifelong Tory to a brand spanking new UKIP Voter (I bet you I’m not on my own). Why? because MPs like you are employing your own pathetic agenda, not that of the voters of Grantham and Stamford and are ruining this country and my political party.

By dragging our greatest 20th century Prime Minister, Baroness Thatcher, in to your squalid little outburst you actually demean all the good she did for this country and for the Tory party, so shame on you. Please do us all a favour and go back to spieling your rubbish on behalf of Westminster City Council and leave us all in peace!


Peascliffe Drive