Parking needs action not costly debates

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APPARENTLY the Department for Transport’s legal checks on Lincolnshire County Council’s application for civil parking enforcement powers are complete (Journal, September 7), but we don’t know when these powers will be put to use or how much the checks have cost.

We also read that a ‘consultation’ has been set up on a draft policy covering on-street resident parking schemes involving residents’ groups, Police and Highways, but the cost of consultation is not disclosed.

Will local motorists be bursting into tumultuous applause at these announcements? I think not. Most motorists will wonder why their costly car and fuel taxes are not simply used to improve parking and driving conditions instead of stuffing cash into various talking-shops who sit around tables enjoying free parking and publicly-funded salaries/expenses while they procrastinate and pontificate over badly-drafted legislation.


Bourne Road, Colsterworth