Paul Lewis was a great nurse manager of Grantham Hospital

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I am writing in response to the negative letter regarding Paul Lewis’ position as nurse manager, headlined “Staff have a responsibility to move forward” (Journal, April 6).

I have been to the hospital and been treated by Paul for different reasons over the last 30 years. However small the problem is, his professionalism and genuine care is always there for all to see. His handling of the situation when my sister died, means that me and all my family will always hold him in the highest regard.

Anyone who knows Paul or who has been treated by him will tell you that when he finished work, unlike most people, he doesn’t stop caring and it is this character trait that defines him as the well-respected and loved man he is.

I noticed the negative letter spoke about how the Journal was partly at fault for giving the wrong impression of Paul, when all the Journal really does is publish genuine letters and represent the opinions of the town. The article also said the Journal made Paul out to be “an icon with a celebrity status”.

This really couldn’t be further from the truth and if Paul is well-known throughout the town, it is completely down to the incredible service he has given to the town’s people.

I understand that the fact that Paul puts people’s needs before bureaucratic approval can cause friction, and this is the only reason I can think of for anyone to write or feel anything negative towards him.

There will never be another Paul Lewis, so I think I speak for the town when I say let’s make sure we hold on to the one we have, because he is irreplaceable.