Planning department is right to stick to its guns

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Here are a few facts that your readers may find useful: the A46 used to run through the middle of Newark. The traffic in the town was terrible, the shops started to close as people did not want to shop in Newark.

Then, the new by-pass was built, the shops re-opened, people wanted to shop in Newark. I know because I was an engineer that helped to build the Newark by-pass.

There were lots of complaints initially from shopkeepers that the by-pass would take away passing trade, but after opening the by-pass, we were actually being thanked for helping to bring the town centre back to life.

Does this sound familiar?

Also, I remember similar past grand schemes around Grantham for additional housing, but they have never come to anything. They died a death as the developers did not want to pay for the schools, playgrounds, shops, bridges and health centres promised during initial application proposals.

I only hope that the new planning laws do not mean loss of facilities on these new estates. The planning department must stick to their guns and refuse to relax development requirements.

Bill Stivens

Belton Grove