Please don’t create yet another roadway rat-run

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A joint leaflet has recently been put through my letterbox from the Conservative candidates for Greyfriars Ward.

Ian Stokes has put down as one of his priorities the link-up of the two Pennine Ways from Barrowby to Gonerby Hill Foot.

The town has traffic congestion problems due to vehicles using the A52 Westbound from Boston coming through the town to reach the A1 or from the A1 to reach the A52 Eastbound to Boston.

The link up of the two Pennine Ways will cause nothing but another ‘rat-run’ in Grantham.

Why does that road have to be linked up? Residents from Gonerby Hill Foot can reach the A1 North or South from the B1174 and then, if they so desire, join the A52 or A607 without any hold-ups.

The residents of Barrowby can do the same from the A52. Those who reside in the Springfield or Harlaxton Road areas can do it from the A607. In other words all residents have alternative routes of ingress or egress which do not necessarily cause them too much inconvenience, or join the congestion in the town centre.

The problem, as stated, is the east to west traffic, so Mr Stokes (and Mr Taylor) get that sorted and Grantham town centre (another of your priorities) will free itself up for a more easy traffic flow system which hopefully will encourage people to return to the town before any more shops close.

So, residents of Barrowby and Gonerby Hill Foot, if you want another dangerous ‘rat-run’ in the town then vote for Mr Stokes who considers this a priority.

David Swaithe

Resident of Gonerby Hill Foot