Post Office proposal is a crackpot scheme

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Here we go again: more great ideas on how to waste money in Grantham. I am referring to the Wharf Road/Greyfriars development to which the council appealed for feedback in last week’s Journal.

Some people on the council must be afraid of losing their jobs, so they come up with a crackpot scheme to move the bus station further down Wharf Road with a multi-storey car park - just so the council can charge more parking fees, I assume.

The problem on Wharf Road is that it is not wide enough for this.

And what about the cost? We’re told it costs too much to have public toilets open, too much to have traffic wardens, too much for an east-west by-pass. We can’t even get road repairs done: take High Street, opposite Guildhall Street - there’s a manhole that’s had barriers around it for over two months.

Welby Street is now sinking at the bottom end. A hole appeared on Fifth Avenue around six weeks ago - barriers were put around it then left. Perhaps money proposed for spending on this crackpot plan could be better spent elsewhere.

Mr.A Leeton

Harrowby Lane, Grantham