Postal service not what it used to be

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WITH my last post the postman left a card to say not enough postage had been paid on an item of mail. Therefore I put three stamps on the card to get my mail re-delivered. After 10 days I had still not received it.

My family were all postmen or at BT, now I’m retired and so are the rest. Our life back then was great at Christmas, with overtime in abundance. I am now 86 and my brothers 84, 78 and 88 and we are all grateful for our pensions.

I feel sorry for the staff now as there’s no hope for the future when it is privatised next year.

The post office excuses that it has been dangerous for men to deliver in bad weather are rubbish. We had years of worse fog and winter weather and were always dedicated staff and telephonists. We loved our work.

The young lady from Barrowby Gate Pharmacy was able to deliver our prescriptions to a very appreciative patient.


Rochester Drive, Grantham