Property tax exemption shortlived

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TWO items (Journal, March 18) seem to address the same problem:

i) a potential plan to redevelop a boarded up building into a retirement home;

ii) a letter from Mary Hubble about untenanted former Police houses.

Interestingly, a leaflet delivered with recent Council Tax bills details tax exemption for empty properties. There are 15 classes of tax exemption, but the maximum exemption time for unoccupied property would appear to be 12 months, after which time the council can start reclaiming tax.

So, if unoccupied properties can then provide the same revenue as they previously did, is this actually a disincentive for councils to embark upon another trek through the bureaucratic morass of planning/consultation/rejection/appeal etc and simply opt for status quo - with or without the assistance of Rick Parfitt and Francis Rossi?


Bourne Road, Colsterworth