Protest girls need to get a grip

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I HAVE read with interest the students’ debate about the implementation of vertical tutoring at Walton Girls School from September 2012.

Whilst I appreciate some of the girls’ concerns, I do feel they are unfounded.

Change can breed contempt within any organisation – and, as adults, I believe we have all experienced this at some stage in our working lives.

The girls need to realise that their actions are having a direct influence on the current Year 6 who have just had their transition day at Walton – my daughter included.

She is nervous enough without the added pressure of her future peers entering her tutor group with ‘attitude’ about the change in protocol.

Wake up and smell the coffee – this is real life – and there are occasions when we have to ‘tow the line’ until processes can be proved not to be working or – even – be for the better.

PSHE (personal, social and health education) remains in year groups, removing those embarrassing and irrelevent conversations between year groups.

The vertical tutoring is for 25 minutes per day. As a secondary teacher myself (not at Walton), I know that by the time the students make it to the form rooms and have the registers taken, there is very little time to discuss/debate/argue/chatter/arrange anything else.

Whilst I admire the freedom the students at Walton have had in airing their opinions, I do think they now need to consider the needs of the up-coming Year 7s. Life is hard. Employment is harder. Get a grip!

Mrs Mitchell