Pupil protests were a last resort

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As a student at Walton I am disappointed in the changes our new principle has chosen to make. Mrs Horrocks may feel that the changes regarding uniform and the switch to vertical tutoring in September will benefit the school, however she has only been here for six months and I feel she has not had time to assess the school properly and make an informed decision as to what is best for the students as well as the school’s reputation.

On the subject of the protests these were as a last resort when students on the whole felt it was the only way we could be heard, having written e-mails to Mrs Horrocks to which we did not get a reply and sending a large petition (I believe it had over 400 signatures from students) to her which I think was shredded.

As Walton is our school I feel it was only right that we stood up democratically for what we believe in and what we want for our school and this should not be viewed as a few troublesome students trying to cause mayhem and skip lessons as this was not our intention we just felt this was the only way to be heard when we were being punished for protesting peacefully. We just want our school to remain the outstanding, high achieving performing arts school that is known to the community and which we are all proud to be a part of.

A Year 9 Student who would prefer to stay anonymous.