Red tape and politics have emasculated police force

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Sadly, the incidents reported in the Journal come as no surprise.

A lack of funding and a flawed, poorly thought-out re-organisation of the way the police operate is to blame.

The police have turned all very corporate and now seem to be operating an appointment system which has replaced plain common sense and logic.

Victims of crime now seem to be treated like customers waiting to have their shopping delivered.

Where has the sense of urgency gone? I would suggest it’s been lost in a world of politics and bureaucracy. This whole appointment system seems all very scripted - since when have you needed to make an appointment to speak to a Police Officer?

Apparently more PCs are now employed on community policing teams dedicated to individual areas of town?

Isn’t this just an illusion to make it appear as though more police officers are on duty during the day, albeit dealing with their respective ‘appointments’?

We all know the truth about policing numbers, so there is no point in trying to paint over the cracks.

I feel sorry for many of today’s PCs, particularly the new generation who seem lost in an organisation entangled in useless blether, with a hierarchy that constantly tries to re-invent the wheel – without success.

I’m sure many officers feel extremely frustrated by the circus the police ‘force’, sorry – police ‘service’ seems to have become.

BOB 2011

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