Response to Nick Boles’ comments: ‘It’s time the rich paid their taxes’

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OUR MP, Nick Boles, wants to remove the few benefits pensioners receive after his government reduced the top rate tax for the better off and super rich in the budget.

It seems a distorted view of priorities, but contrary to the impression he likes to give, I suspect this was a classic case of “kite flying” to see which way the wind blows.

I am sure the Conservative party leadership were aware of, and sanctioned this, and if there was a muted reaction, would implement these proposals at some time.

The tactic of “kite flying” is done by MPs in a safe seat, knowing that if it backfires they will still get re-elected.

I suggest that if Nick Boles wants to restore some of his credibility, he and his government get serious about tax avoidance/evasion which is costing this country tens of billions annually.

This involves not just individuals but banks, the City and companies.

The government is giving public sector contracts worth hundreds of millions of pounds to private companies, some of which have offshore accounts in tax havens and this should stop.

Thousands of jobs are to be axed at HMRC when we need them most, and there have been cuts to the Serious Fraud Office, which will reduce their ability to investigate financial crime in the City of London.

This problem has to be solved if we are to have an NHS and other public services that society needs, otherwise they will decline unless the rest of us pay more to plug the gap.

So Nick Boles, show us that you are on the side of the majority of your constituents, take the bull by the horns and do something about this issue.

The problem is, I doubt you will bite the hand that feeds you, because much of the donations to the Conservative Party come from the finance sector, with some known to have offshore accounts in tax havens.

And I would be happy to name them if required.


Bell Close, Grantham