Roads are a tourniquet around Grantham’s neck

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WE see (Journal, July 8) that steps have been taken by South Kesteven District Council to set up an ‘air quality management area’ along Brook Street and Manthorpe Road because of respiratory health issues from vehicle emissions; they will now consult with Lincolnshire County Council and carry out an assessment to reduce traffic congestion.

If reduction of traffic congestion is so important, why did these same authorities introduce the futile, outrageously expensive gyratory systems around Premier Court and also the Wharf Road/Station Road/Dysart Road/St Augustin Way junctions?

To use a medical metaphor, these systems are not even ‘sticking plasters’ for Grantham’s problems; they are a ‘tourniquet around the throat’ strangling traffic movement and pumping more exhaust gases into the environment.

What Grantham urgently needs is (East-West) ‘by-pass surgery’ - the only realistic, long-term solution to congestion and pollution in the town.


Bourne Road, Colsterworth