Rooftop drama required swift police action

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WHILE the patience and efficiency of the police should be appreciated, I increasingly despair of legislation which protects criminals and the way it is interpreted for practical enforcement.

Why on earth need it take 25 police officers, two ambulances and a fire crew a staggering six hours to sort out two criminal idiots on Westgate rooftops (Journal, July 27)?

The official position is that such people have to be ‘taken into custody in a safe manner’. Those same rooftop idiots have clearly no regard for their own safety, nor that of local residents, shoppers or business owners, so why should they be coaxed and molly coddled when a quick fix is available?

Just send a couple of officers up in a ‘cherry-picker’ or crane hoist and tell them, (meerkat-style), “Come down and surrender or be tasered and nicked”. Simples!