School status doesn’t matter, standards do

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THE rumours of unrest at the King’s School due to its impending academy status are symptomatic of the ongoing politicisation of education by all parties.

The labels which politicians attach to schools are totally irrelevant. What is important is how well any school can nurture the talents of pupils to give each individual the best opportunity to pursue a rewarding career and make a positive contribution to our wider society.

While some secondary pupils wish to pursue an academic career, others would much rather develop their practical or artistic skills. Society will continue to need all of these assets in the future and this can only be achieved by restoring authority to competent teachers and providing sensible resources to support them.

The ‘status’ we assign to a school is much less important than the status we give to its students and staff. Can we please ignore the labels, forget the fanciful, bureaucratic performance targets, stop treating schools as political footballs and spend the millions we have wasted on education in the past decade more intelligently.


Bourne Road, Colsterworth