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It is quite obvious from reading Mr Hatherill’s letter in the Journal last week that he knows very little about the Sensory Garden and how it came to fruition, so I would like to take the opportunity to provide a brief explanation.

There is a small group of volunteers, who as members of Wyndham Park Forum work tirelessly in helping to make the Park a special place to visit and enjoy.

We are currently working with South Kesteven District Council towards achieving the Green Flag award amongst other projects and activities we have on the go.

The idea of a sensory garden first came up some three years ago. Much time was then spent at the planning stage in order to find the best location and create the most impact. Expert advice was sought from many organisations and individuals with experience in this type of project.

The next move was to seek the necessary finance to make it happen. We tried various sources including an application to the Big Lottery fund.

This was a very lengthy and complicated process but we learnt in the spring of 2010 that our application to the Big Lottery fund at been approved and they would provide 100per cent of the finance required.

So it was during the summer and autumn of last year that the Garden was constructed and planted out. As many readers will have seen, the centre piece is a magnificent tree sculpture carved out of the stump of a horse chestnut tree which had become diseased and had to be felled.

We purposely went for the location adjacent to the Manthorpe Road/Belton Lane junction in order to create maximum impact whilst at the same time causing minimum disruption to the Park.

Much of the planting was undertaken by volunteers including members of the Forum, several local schools, Grantham Alzheimer’s Society, and the Rotary Club.

Throughout the preparations, staff and members of South Kesteven District Council have been very supportive but neither they nor any other public body have been required to provide any finance as it has been fully funded through the Big Lottery.

I do hope that this brief explanation gives Mr Hatherill a better idea of how the Garden came about and that in no way has it detracted from any ‘serious investment in our roads and new business enterprises’.

I know that many hundreds of people have visited the Garden and have passed back some very complimentary remarks.

Meanwhile members of Wyndham Park Forum will continue striving to bring about further improvements to the Park which we hope will be enjoyed by all.

John Knowles

Chairman Wyndham Park Forum