SKDC must stand strong

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One of the most picturesque approaches to Grantham is to be seen travelling down Belton Lane from Great Gonerby.

The view of the surrounding countryside is wonderful. Then you are reminded, with a jolt, of where you are as you join the long stream of traffic on Manthorpe Road trying to get into Grantham.

My mind turns to the planning appeal for over 1,000 more houses, previously unanimously rejected by the council as unacceptable, owing to its considerable effect on the traffic flow.

This seemed to be an obvious rejection in view of the congestion which already exists, even though the applicants argued that there would be no significant increase in traffic.

Having attended the planning meeting when this scheme was rejected, I heard nothing in the poor suggestions put forward by the applicants which in any way would not exacerbate the current situation.

There are plenty of more suitable brownfield sites, as well as those already agreed as part of Grantham’s development plan.

Graham Mitchell

(via email)