So called Sculpture Trail along Grantham Canal is tantamount to wanton vandalism

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I’VE seen some crackpot ideas in my time, but the new ‘Sculpture Trail’ along Grantham Canal takes some beating.

Getting school kids to daub paint on old junk and abandoned doors, and then dumping it in the countryside, is as bad as fly-tipping, in my book.

Up here in north Notts, rubbish strewn in the undergrowth is something that the police and the local council are cracking down on, with fines and possible jail sentences imposed on those responsible.

Down in Grantham, the same thing is promoted as some sort of tourist attraction!

When I go for a walk into the countryside, or along a canal, I’m doing it to get way from the ugly urban detritus that blights everyday life, and to immerse myself in the splendours of scenic natural greenery.

What I don’t want to see are old doors painted bright yellow and nailed to trees, or stupid pyramids of bottles and cans sticking up in the shrubbery.

This is wanton vandalism, in my book. And the fact that young school children were encouraged to do it, which teaches them nothing about respecting the tranquility and preservation of our rapidly dwindling countryside, just fills me with even greater despair!

The sooner this junk is removed and the canal banks are fully returned to their natural state, the better.

Let these foolish people go back to their graffiti under railway bridges if they want to make arty “statements”. Just keep them away from our beauty spots!



HOW long will it be before the wooden statues, that the children of the Vale of Belvoir put up around the Grantham canal at Woolsthorpe, are thrown into the canal as driftwood?


Earlesfield Lane, Grantham