So what exactly are we expected to do?

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I note Mr Drake’s comments in the Journal dated 3rd June 2011. He raises concerns that Police officers had the audacity to conduct enforcement activity on a 30 mph Road located within the Town Centre at 8.30pm on a Sunday.

I am unclear what point he makes; is it that he thinks the restriction on this road should be increased?

If this is the case would he support the same for Redcross St? Is his concern that the Police should be doing something else at 8.30pm on a Sunday night? If so, what would he like us to do?

I assume he has taken an active part in his local neighbourhood panel? Is his concern that we are actually conducting enforcement on a Sunday? It is unclear.

I consider the speeding restrictions in the town to be appropriate, this includes Sankt Augustin Way, which we are aware ‘Boy Racers (and Girls)’ use as a race track, particularly at the weekend.

We have received a number of complaints in respect of this, and calls for us to take action, therefore we have.

Let’s not forget that speeding is a form of anti-social behaviour, it is premeditated and can have deathly consequences.

I thank Mr Peters for his well-constructed letter and will add that the suggestion that speed enforcement is a fundraiser is a little wide of the mark and offensive to those who have lost loved ones on our roads.

Chief Inspector Mark Housley