Stamford carnival looked better than Grantham’s

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Quite by chance my wife and I were in Stamford last Saturday and happened on the Stamford Carnival Parade as it went through town.

Not knowing what to expect from the event, we settled down to wait for the whole thing to unfold and were surprised by how good the parade was.

We enjoyed the sight of one band, about 14 floats all decorated and populated by enthusiastic locals of all ages, who had obviously spent a lot of time decorating them: a small tank, one fire engine and three police vehicles (yes, all double crewed).

The Police were very much in evidence, not only the vehicles in the parade but the ones closing off roads leading to the parade route.

My point is: how is it that there can be so much attention paid to a carnival in one part of Lincolnshire and apparently so little in another part (Grantham)?

Is the full story being told? Has there been proper (and timely) liaison with the Police and Lincs County Council regarding closure of roads and policing the event?

If it can happen in Stamford, why not Grantham? I look forward to an answer.

Whilst writing, can I suggest that ‘Angry’ - commenting on the carnival in last week’s Journal gets his facts right?

SKDC does not have any control over the closure of roads, as ‘Angry’ implied. It is Lincs County Council.

Malcolm Hall