Street drinkers need our help, not law enforcement

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Mr Holmes is incorrect when he states St Peters Hill is a no drinking zone.

This area is covered by a Designated Public Place Order, issued under the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001.

This legislation enables the police and community support officers to deal with drinkers that are behaving in an anti–social manner.

The police have the power to ask that person to stop drinking and seize any alcohol if they refuse. They also can be arrested. It is not a ban on drinking.

The Town Centre Neighbourhood Policing Team has successfully used these powers over the past six months to deal with alcohol related incidents in Swinegate and around St Wulfram’s Church.

Responsibility also lies with licensed premises monitoring who they are selling alcohol to.

For some, street drinking is a way of life in which they are trapped by their alcoholism and personal circumstances.

Tackling this problem is not only about enforcement but offering help such as detox and treatment programmes.

Cllr Ray Wootten

Manthorpe Rd, Grantham