Supermarkets should stop trollies going off-site

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ON Saturday, January 15 I had occasion to walk down Avenue Road, Grantham, and saw the unusual sight of a Morrisons trolley, complete with a pound in the slot.

I next saw the council truck that had been involved with the river clean-up, piled high with bags and supermarket trolleys, all either Sainsbury’s or Asda’s.

My question to the people who remove a trolley from either of those two supermarkets and push it to near where they live is: What do you think happens to that trolley after you have abandoned it? And, Why do you think that it is alright to remove property costing £150 to £200 from its owner?

The person who takes an Asda trolley and leaves it in North Parade, quite close to the Kings Hotel, may like to know that the same trolley ends up in the stream between the railway line and the Priory Ruskin Academy playing field. There is always one in that stream.

Other people leave trollies in Barrowby Road, Riverside flats, Middlemore Yard, and at the Watergate bus stop on a Tuesday. Is it you? If it is, you are just as responsible as the idiot who actually throws it in the river.

I think the supermarkets should do more to stop the trollies leaving the site. If someone walked out of a supermarket with a £150 electrical item that they hadn’t paid for, they wouldn’t get far and would soon be in front of a magistrate. What is the difference? A £150 trolley or a £150 television? Surely both are theft.

When I walked back up Avenue Road five minutes later, the Morrisons trolley was gone. Someone was going to claim that £1 coin!

I think that this is the answer to supermarket trollies in the River Witham.


Kingscliffe Road, Grantham