Support for Grantham MP Nick Boles: ‘End state support for wealthy retired’

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I refer to Nick Boles’ statement about scrapping benefits for well-off pensioners.

In principle, I have to agree, which astounds me as I am a working man and a trade unionist who has never voted conservative.

Millions of the UK population are now expected to work longer before they receive the state pension and the worst affected by this are women, whose state retirement age has jumped form 60 to 65 with very little notice.

It is thought it takes 30 years to build up a decent private pension, so it is disgraceful that the government has given less than 30 years’ notice of a change in the state pension age.

Men and women’s state retirement age is increasing to 68 and beyond. We once thought the state retirement age was set in stone, so it is no longer possible to plan retirement.

The French have announced they are reducing their state pension age to 60.

I believe we should reduce ours back to 65 for men and women, and voluntarily to 60 with a reduced pension, which would free up thousands of jobs for the one million young unemployed people.

So, yes, I believe it is just to means test the state pension, but this is where myself and Nick Boles would disagree,

I read recently that there are 500,000 pensioners in the higher tax bracket, meaning they have earnings of £750 plus a week.

These people do not require the state pension and it is my belief that anyone who is a higher tax payer in retirement should not be entitled to the state pension or winter fuel allowance and that money should be ploughed back into the state pension pot to reduce the pension age.

I also believe that no one should be entitled to the state pension who has assets over 2 million pounds, which should include stocks and shares, pensions and houses.


Dysart Road, Grantham