Surely Army drivers should be trained with tankers

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When I wrote first about the army lorry drivers I did not know they were training to be tanker drivers.

In reply to letters last week, I would like to point out that I said nothing derogatory about the Army. In fact, my granddaughter’s fiance is one of the drivers learning to be a tanker driver and I am so proud of him.

Yes, we do need these lads trained up for this role in case of a fuel strike, just like we relied on the Army when the fire service went on strike many years ago.

But surely they should be trained with tankers not curtain sided lorries.

Fill tankers with water and let them get to know the different characteristics of a loaded or partially loaded tanker.

Finally, after a tanker driver delivers fuel to a petrol station in Grantham, he goes on to his next drop or back to his depot, he most certainly does not do 10 laps of Grantham.


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