Surely people expect a Legion club to be lively?

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At a time where everyone is mourning the steady loss of local businesses, and society bemoans the breakdown of the local community – with the subsequent problems that accompany that – how sad it is that the future of the country’s oldest British Legion is at risk of closure (‘Losing licence feels like death knell for village club’).

These clubs play such a valuable part in a village community’s life, bringing everyone together for various functions, to play and represent their village in sports teams, or to simply provide a meeting point for people of all ages.

It appears to me that far more people support this venue in what it does, and want it to remain open than there are those who’d happily see it die.

What I find incredulous is that someone should move next to a club or pub and then complain about the noise – I think I’m going to buy a property next to Big Ben and complain that the chimes are keeping me awake, or buy a property next to Wembley Stadium and complain about the crowds every time England play at home!

Legions are an integral part of the life and vibrancy of the village that they are a part of. To me the answer is simple – just go and live somewhere else!

Go and buy a property that’s in the middle of nowhere, with no neighbours and no amenities, and enjoy your quiet existence.

Martyn Fovargue

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