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Dear Linda Neal,

I would like to know on behalf of all the people in the South Kesteven District Council area what the job specifications are for the six members of the newly formed cabinet?

Your definitions should be in plain English and not the local government gobbledegook that defies comprehension.

Paul Carpenter, I notice, is responsible for engagement and corporate services, Frances Cartwright for economic development, you have to deal with strategic partnerships, John Smith with healthy environment, Mike Taylor has resources and Terl Bryant housing. Once I get to grips with knowing exactly what you are all doing then it might beg the question as to what qualifications you have to deal with the many and varied problems that will beset you.

By the same token I have to ask: what have you and your predecessors achieved over the past years, except to allow Grantham to descend to its present mediocrity.

Did previous cabinet members have the same briefs or have you decided that huge mistakes have been made and a completely new set of principles needs to be addressed?

It really is time that Grantham took a much bigger priority on every aspect of your colleagues’ responsibilities, or could it be that that those responsibilities are so loose and woolly in definition that even your so-called cabinet does not understand how to deal with them?

Yours more in despair than hope,

Roy Williams

Welby Street