Thanks for act of kindness

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LAST week, I was ‘struggling’ up Cherrywood Drive when I had to stop to catch my breath. A car pulled up alongside me and the driver asked if I was alright. When I said I would be in a minute, he asked me if I would like a lift.

before I knew anything further, this very kind person helped me into his car and took me into Grantham. He wanted to be sure that I was okay, before leaving me just outisde the former Marks and Spencer near the bus stop.

In this day and age, such kindness has become few and far between.

My husband died just over a year ago, but this act of kindness certainly goes a long way to restore faith in human nature.

My many friends at Church keep an eye on me, but this was a complete stranger to whom I am very grateful.


Hazelwood Drive, Grantham