Thanks for hospital care

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IT gives me great pleasure to write to you and highlight the good things I feel we have in Grantham and share with the people a few words of encouragement.

On June 19 2011, I was admitted to Grantham hospital as an emergency via Accident & Emergency with a suspected blood clot on my lung.

The doctor in charge and nurses were compassionate, professional and exceptional in my care, making sure I was as comfortable as possible.

I was then transferred to the AEU side room, where I was placed in ward 2, a four bed ward for ladies.

My care continued of exceptional compassion, concerned by everyone involved.

I praise Grantham Staff of all levels who gave 100 percent to patient care and followed procedures of patient care policies.

Bless you all in your professional work.

We need Grantham Hospital for this town, and it should stand and be counted.