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I was unfortunate enough to breakdown at the fuel pumps on Sainsbury’s forecourt today (3 Apr 2011) and firstly apologise to anyone inconvenienced by that – it was actually a mechanical breakdown and thankfully not a dreaded misfuel!

That said I would like to say a big thank you to the driver who helped me clear the pumps and get down into the car park. From there he then offered further help and assistance and although we couldn’t get the vehicle to start his time and effort is greatly appreciated. In addition I would like to say thank you to the other drivers who stopped and offered their help in an attempt to start the car. Speaking to these individuals it was obvious all concerned have a huge passion for motoring and cars – something which seems to be becoming a rarity these days.

Ultimately I had to resort to using a breakdown service to resolve the problem but the help offered from fellow motorists was greatly appreciated.

Once again Thank You – you know who you are!

Darren Woods

Mk2 Scirocco