Thanks to good Samaritan who looked after my car

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WITH all the doom and gloom around I thought I would write in to let you know my good news story which restored my faith in mankind over the Christmas period.

I was shopping in Home Bargains in Grantham. I staggered back to the car with armfuls of bags and could not find my car key. Eventually I found it and went to do some shopping in Next. When I returned some 15 minutes later a gentleman was waiting by my car. He told me that he had waited for the whole 15 minutes. The reason being was that when I returned to the car from Home Bargains amongst all the mayhem of trying to find my key I had inadvertently forgotten to close my boot. So all my bags, which contained presents, chocolate, bottles of wine etc were all on show ready for any dishonest customer to have helped themselves, plus driven away my car!!

So I wanted to say a big thank you to the stranger who waited for my return in order to protect my goods and car. He would not even take a bottle of wine I offered as a thank you. He certainly was a good Samaritan and helped avert a personal catastrophe. I would like to thank him. Unfortunately I do not know his name but I am the customer in the black Audi 400 and I feel sure that if you print my story he will remember me!