Thanks to the Journal for offering an alternative view to the Royal Wedding

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THE Journal’s ‘How to miss the Royal Wedding’ was great, so well done to whoever wrote it, and well done to the editors for printing it. I didn’t even watch the so-called news all day, let alone the great event itself.

At 11am, when the happy couple were being married, I was walking on Gonerby Road.

I wanted to see how busy it was. I was quite pleasantly surprised at the number of cars that were out and about, and therefore the number of other people who obviously couldn’t care less about Royal weddings.

I find it sad (but not surprising) that there’s still a sizeable chunk of the population who worship an institution that has never, done anything other than help to oppress the British people and exploit or enslave other countries.

The best thing about last Friday was that all the American media also covered The Wedding: a little payback for the hours of misery we must endure during American elections.

John Andrews

Great Gonerby