Thatcher should not be beatified

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I REALLY must protest at the recent attempts to beatify Baroness Thatcher. Yes, she was a strong leader and I know she was a local girl, but really!

Can I remind recent contributors on the subject of her Premiership, that she presided over the destruction of our manufacturing base and put our economy into the service sector, ie banking and we all know where that led!

Her Chancellor, Ken Clarke, destroyed the link between pensions and earnings and so impoverished millions of pensioners.

She tried to introduce the Poll Tax and enforce it by attacking protestors with riot police on horse back, with pictures on television of them riding down a woman with a pushchair.

She was responsible for the privatization of hospital cleaning, which resulted in disease-ridden hospitals. The list goes on and on.

Futhermore, the Tory government under Edward Heath, was responsible for taking us into the EU on a lie - I know, I was living in Europe at the time and listening to his twaddle.

Successive governments, Tory, Labour, Tory again have been a disaster for our once great country and it would have been the same this time if the Tories had an overall majority, but a coalition prevented that. Thank God!