The chainsaw-wielding tree muggers should be ashamed

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I note with despair that spring has brought out the chainsaws with a vengeance and SKDC and Lincs County highways department are spending our money with abandon to pollard and hack down trees.

A few weeks ago, a mature tree on the corner near the Catholic church was felled, presumably to stop an obstruction to traffic lights that were installed behind the tree.

A couple of weeks back, Barrowby Road was being held up so a gang with a telescopic cherry picker could pollard a mature tree back from the road. At the time it seemed an odd thing to do, but now it’s apparent that this is because all of the road signs are being replaced and this tree had a branch in the way. Why or how much this wholesale replacement of traffic signs costs I don’t know, but I do know they were all only done a few years back.

On the estate where I live I see we’ve had a gang of ‘tree surgeons’ at the trees adjoining the Earlesfield Childrens Centre. I believe these are part of a hedgerow that dates back 200 years and was part of the canal. Presumably, these are going to end up looking like the ones opposite along the canal, which were pollarded away to virtually dead when British Waterways sorted out the leaky canal bank 2 years ago?

This is right next to where 4 guys spent an entire day thinning out a small apple tree - it now looks like a Henry Moore sculpture.

I am amazed that: a) this town is the HQ for the Woodland Trust, since all the various public bodies that operate here have done in the 10 years I have lived here seem to do is cut down trees and b) the public sector is telling us at every turn they have no money, when gangs of men can spend whole days resculpting, cutting down and generally messing around with our greenery - presumably at great expense!

Wouldn’t they do better to spend their scarce resources on services for the people of this town, rather than on giving trees a haircut, delimbing them or chopping them down all together?

I wonder, by the time my youngest is an adult, will she live in a town with no trees left or are leafy lanes and suburbs to be the preserve of ‘nice’ parts of SKDC’s area, like Bourne and Stamford?

Phil Carney

Earlesfield Lane, Grantham.