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BY now we at the Journal suspect that most people have heard of the phrase, ‘Big Society’.

Numerous people are in fact fed up of hearing preachers like PM David Cameron and MP Nick Boles waxing lyrical about their latest political buzz-words.

And there are some who say the whole notion is simply the passing of the buck. A cynical devolution of powers and responsibilities which is ultimately driven by the pound note.

But perhaps ‘Big Society’ as a concept is not such a bad idea. Perhaps we as a nation and a people have become too accustomed to other people doing things for us. It’s time to get back to basics.

That is what makes the recent efforts of the villagers in Marston all the more impressive.

For the best part of a year they have been without a focal point. Nowhere for them to come together and meet. No hub around which to build a community.

But rather than sit back and hope someone would come along and solve the problem for them, they took the issue by the scruff of the neck and sorted it themselves. Now the locals at the Thorold Arms, along with landlady Kim Roberts and co, can sit back and admire what community spirit and effort can achieve.